About Kate Sweetman

In 2015 Kate Sweetman founded a new global management consulting firm – SweetmanCragun. Kate and her team are patenting a new learning technology called Encoded Learning™ where intellectual property is created in four primary areas: Leadership, Innovation, Change, and Shared Energy.

Before this Kate headed a Boston-based think tank and consultancy that keys in on the identity of the leader, and the essential tasks they must perform to take their organizations to the next level. For her career work in the management consulting and training space Kate has been named one of the World’s Top 20 Emerging Management Gurus by The Times. A former editor for Harvard Business Review, Kate’s work has been published around the globe. Kate was named one of the world’s Emerging Management Gurus by the London Times for her career work and career achievement in the management consulting space, particularly in Leadership Consulting, Advisory Services, Classroom Facilitation, and Learning and Education Design.

Kate delivers exceptionally engaging and practical talks on virtually any aspect of leadership, from strategy development to execution to creating sustainable cultures of deeply connected and supportive communities. She draws on her 20 years deep experience in consulting with individuals and companies in over 25 countries. She always aims to help hasten the shift away from command and control approaches to leadership toward mutual respect and communication – not only within the company but also with the community and a range of stakeholders.