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Aric Dromi

Futurologist, Digital Philosopher and Professional Troublemaker

Aric Dromi is the Chief Futurologist at Volvo Group, a digital philosopher and professional troublemaker who has spent the past 20 years helping decision makers gain a better grasp of their objectives and future strategies.

"Turning Science Fiction into Reality"

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In detail

Aric's work covers trend activity in the realms of science and technology, economics, politics, demographics and environmental issues. Aric Dromi tends to focus on 10 -15 year future scenarios, yet an essential part of capturing the future is being able to explain it, make it tangible and most important, make it relevant. That's exactly what he does. He tells stories about the future that could happen and help develop concepts around what should happen. He doesn't provide the answers, he frames the questions and helps people identify and abandon old paradigms and rethink their thinking.

What he offers you

Aric Dromi's sessions are designed to help organisations and individuals better understand change and his vision of a digitally enabled autonomous future. He educates, inspires and empowers new thinking patterns.

How he presents

A passionate and engaging speaker, Aric's presentations are a veritable wealth of new ideas delivered in a unique and highly creative way.


He presents in English.

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  • Rewiring Innovation (Digital Transformations)
  • Blended Reality
  • Autonomous Everything
  • The Hybrid Monetisation Models
  • Humanising Machines


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