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Prof. Gertrud Höhler

Leading Management Authority and Best-Selling Author

Gertrud Höhler is Germany's most prominent management guru and adviser to top level decision makers from both politics and economics. By focusing on leadership and management issues she has developed her theory of mixing emotional intelligence with strategic planning.

"German Woman of the Year 1996"

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In detail

She studied Literature and History of Art. For her contributions Gertrud Höhler has been awarded the German Federal Cross of Merit in 1999. An independent author and highly esteemed advisor she has advised former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in addition to a number of leading companies such as Deutsche Bank.

What she offers you

Gertrud Höhler offers decision makers from all fields an in-depth look at the strategies for success from an emotional as well as a practical point of view. She shows how to develop and implement solutions to overcome the difficulties of modern management.

How she presents

A distinguished and experienced speaker, Gertrud Höhler's presentations are inspirational and filled with invaluable information specifically designed for today's management teams.


She speaks fluently in German and English.

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  • Strategies for Success
  • Managing in a New World
  • Emotional Intelligence - EQ
  • Fitness of Body and Mind for Successful Business Communication
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • The Private and Professional Management of the Future


  • Gertrud was a very good speaker, interesting and easy to listen to. There was very positive feedback from the audience - Multinational Computer Vendor


  • 2010
    Götzen Dämmerung
  • 2007
    Aufstieg für alle
    (Rise for all)
  • 2003
    Warum Vertrauen siegt
    (Why trust wins)
  • 2002
    Die Sinn-Macher: Wer siegen will muß führen
    (Those who want to win must lead)
  • 2000
    Female Wolf Amongst Wolves
    (Wölfin unter Wölfen)
  • 1998
    The Original Sin - Dissension or Alliance of the Sexes
    (Der veruntreute Sündenfall - EntZweiung oder neues Bündnis?)
  • 1997
    The Winner's Heartbeat - The EQ Revolution
    (Herzschlag der Sieger - Die EQ Revolution )

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