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Henning Christophersen

Renowned Global Economist, Vice President of the EU Commission 1985 - 1995

Henning Christophersen is the former Vice-President of the European Commission with responsibility for the economic and financial affairs of the Union. Henning Christophersen is one of Denmark's best known and most respected politicians, having held the posts of Foreign Minister, Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. He is currently in charge of the Christophersen-Bodewig-Secchi group. As part of Jean-Claude Juncker's investment plan for Europe, the group's task is to identify and secure the funding of 315 billion Euro in investments in order to enforce and accelerate European economic growth. He is also Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Directors at Metro Company, Copenhagen and is a Senior Partner in Kreab Gavin Anderson.

"Henning Christophersen is a proven political visionary"

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In detail

An economics graduate of Copenhagen University, early on in his career he became a member of the Danish Parliament (1971). In 1978, he became President of the Liberal Party and from 1979-1982, a member of the Board of the Danish Central Bank. From 1984, whilst Vice-President of the Commission he was responsible for the European Monetary Union (EMU) and the early consultations and strategic planning for the single European Currency. Since 1989, he has been the EU's representative in a number of supranational organizations, including the OECD, IMF, G7, EBRD and the EIB.

What he offers you

Henning Christophersen draws on his considerable expertise and own personal experiences to concisely analyse the current worldwide political and economic situation.

How he presents

Eloquent and thought-provoking, Henning Christophersen is in great demand to speak at prestigious conferences around the globe. Henning is a skilled communicator who delivers his candid presentations with charisma, guile and character, giving unparalleled insights into the 21st century global landscape.


He presents in English.

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  • How to Improve Europe's Competitiveness
  • The Macro-economic Prospects for Europe
  • EU Integration of Eastern and Central Europe
  • Implications of Further Expansion of the EU
  • Transeuropean Networks and Infrastructure
  • Transformation of the Former Soviet Republic Economies

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