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Prof. Ian Angell BSc PhD MBCS

Professor of Information Systems, London School of Economics, LSE

Ian Angell is an expert on Information Systems. An accomplished author he has applied his work to archaeology, crystallography, medicine, physics and social sciences. He is most widely known for his work on computer graphics, including their commercial application.

He is currently Professor of Information Systems at the London School of Economics, arguably the most prestigious Information Systems Chair in the United Kingdom.

"A prophet of the 21st Century."Independent on Sunday

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In detail

He is policy adviser to UNIDO, to the European Security Forum and to the House of Commons Parliamentary Information Technology Committee on the threats posed by the technical, and the resulting organisational, developments in information technology. His many consultancy appointments include two Eastern European and one Middle Eastern Government. He has a long-term consultancy looking into the place of IT in European Science Policy with the Research Organisation for Science and Technology in Europe. For the past ten years, he has concentrated on strategic information systems, organisational and IT policies. A particular speciality was the study of Systemic Risk. On his initiative the LSE created a Research Centre for the study of Computer Security.

What he offers you

Ian Angell is well known for his workshops on new tactics for sales and marketing using the Internet, and for his pragmatic, down-to-earth and outspoken views on electronic commerce and developments in the telecoms industry. Corporate audiences will profit from both the research and application of his work across many disciplines.

How he presents

His highly articulate presentations of his controversial position means he is in great demand by the media, and as a speaker on the international lecture circuit. Audiences will most certainly be challenged by the radical ideas of this systems specialist.


He presents in English.

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  • Cyberspace
  • eLearning
  • The New Barbarians
  • Global Consequences of Information Technology
  • Management of Information Systems in the New Economy
  • IT in the Business Environment: Control Versus Chaos; Opportunity Versus Risk


  • 2005
    No More Leaning on Lamp-posts: Managing Uncertainty the Nick Charles Way
  • 2000
    The New Barbarian Manifesto
  • 1993
    Information Systems Management
  • 1992
    Advanced Graphics on VGA and XGA Using Borland C
  • 1990
    High-resolution Computer Graphics Using C

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