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Seán Brickell

Journalist, Author and Leading Confidence and Communication Expert

Seán Brickell has been a presenter, reporter and producer on network and regional television and radio, as well as a writer and reporter for the national and international print media. He is a Royal Television Society award winner and his broadcasting and journalistic work has been nominated for three other awards.

"He will help give you powerful levels of confidence and communication that will enrich you emotionally, socially, professionally and financially."

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In detail

Seán became the UK's youngest ever national television news reporter and one of the youngest ever network television newsreaders. He has worked as a journalist for the BBC, Sky News, ITN, Channel 5, the Sunday Telegraph, Guardian, Sunday Express, Scotland on Sunday, News of the World among others and various magazines. He is also the Managing Director & Founder of Broad Grin Productions, a fast growing corporate TV & film production company.

What he offers you

He is a recognised expert in the art of effective and compelling communication, helping businesses and organisations raise and maintain their brand integrity and profile, improve customer and staff relations and loyalty and enhancing personal and corporate reputations.

How he presents

Seán is an engagingly warm speaker with great natural energy. He uses many colourful experiences from his career as an award winning broadcaster and journalist and as an adventurer to deliver highly original and entertaining speeches.


He presents in English.

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  • Confidence and Self-Esteem (Personal Effectiveness)
  • Personal and Professional Development and Motivation
  • Personal and Professional Communication
  • Understanding and Improving Male/Female Communication
  • Team Building and Cohesion
  • Crisis Management


  • 2004
    Beyond the Grasp of Demons
  • 2004
    Demystifying the Media: The Real Insider's Guide to Journalists and Broadcasters

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