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Since Iron Maiden's Book of Souls tour kicked off in Florida on 24th February, Bruce Dickinson has played 72 dates, in 69 different venues across 37 different countries.

On Thursday 4th August the Book of Souls made its final appearance at the Wacken Festival in Germany. From now on Bruce is available again as a corporate speaker for events, conferences, meetings and more.

His main speaking topics include:
Covering everything from his experiences in Iron Maiden, to his passion for aircraft and aviation Bruce delivers his speeches with an energy and enthusiasm that's guaranteed to wake up and shake up your audience. At a glance:

• Lead singer and songwriter for Iron Maiden

• A trained commercial pilot, Bruce flew Boeing 757s for the UK charter airline Astraeus until 2011. Now he regularly captains Iron Maiden's personalised Boeing 747-400, Ed Force One, which carries the band, the crew and their gear between shows on world tours.

• Chairman of Aeris aviation, the European distributor of Eclipse aircraft; an advanced light jet aircraft and the world's most eco-friendly and economical twin engine business jet.

• In May 2012 Bruce turned his hand to another kind of heavy metal and co-founded Cardiff Aviation – a pilot training-centre, airplane-maintenance company, airline operator and fledgling airline operator that has grown to a company of over 150 employees with a turnover of between £10-20m.

• Trained as a Type Rating Instructor and Technical Instructor on the Boeing 737, Bruce regularly gets hands-on with training fledgling pilots.

• Investor in Airlander 10, a UK built hybrid aircraft manufactured by Hybrid Air Vehicles that's a unique fusion of airship, plane and helicopter design. Its futuristic design and green thinking tackle head-on many of the problems that the aviation industry faces.

• A dab hand at brewing, Bruce teamed up with Robinsons brewery to produce TROOPER beer. A premium ale that, only three years after launch, has sold close to 13 million pints worldwide. Next up is a Trooper Red 'n' Black porter based on a centuries old recipe and named after a track from Iron Maiden's latest album 'The Book of Souls'.

To find out more about Bruce and keep up to date with the latest news follow him.
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