Bruce Dickinson Inspires At MagentoLive Europe

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Encouraging a group of digital natives to lay down their smartphones and engage with what’s happening in the here and now, is a challenge that beats most. But not Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson.

Delivering a keynote at MagentoLive Europe in Barcelona 9 to 10 October, he opened with a call for all attendees to “stop placing electronic intermediaries between yourself and the world” and instead to put down their phones and connect with the moment and with each other.

For the next 60 minutes the audience of Magento community, clients, and sponsors were hooked as Bruce delivered what many called one of the best keynotes they had ever seen.

With the talks at the conference focusing on digital transformation and great customer experience, Bruce drew inspiration from his life as an aviator, entrepreneur and frontman of the legendary Iron Maiden to share valuable lessons learned from in the air and on stage.

On innovation, Bruce shared his passion for a new business venture to deliver humanitarian aid into inaccessible disaster areas via a revolutionary edible drone that can provide enough food for 50 people. His message – if you can dream it, it might happen. Don’t be afraid to take chances, think differently, force change and leap into the unknown – that’s how you will grow.

On his personal battle with cancer, Bruce spoke of the determination and true grit it takes to not get beaten by obstacles as he told the audience:

“They don’t get much bigger than cancer as a disruptive force. The temptation is to go curl up in a ball in the corner. Whatever you are doing. Be cool, have integrity, get back on the horse. Never ever give up, you have to get back on the horse.”

Those who saw him left inspired taking away moments of motivation and advice that they could use, or at least tweet about when they got back to using their phones.

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