Mettle Man – Bruce Dickinson Earns The Spotlight On The Corporate Stage.

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The lead singer of a heavy metal band may not be the obvious choice as a keynote speaker at your next corporate event. But take a moment to look at the life and passions of Bruce Dickinson – lead singer of the legendary Iron Maiden – and you may be compelled to change your mind.

For in Bruce’s experience, playing frontman in a successful rock band demands the same qualities that are required to making it big on the world’s corporate stage. He in fact effortlessly combines what should be two very divergent worlds, to deliver an exceptionally inspirational motivational speech that will surprise, inspire and entertain.

Parallel universe

Attending one of Bruce Dickinson’s speaking events means you’ll learn first-hand about his unique take on life. You’ll also get the chance to contemplate his belief that there are in fact significant parallels between the challenges of thriving in the world of rock music and making professional strides in the business world.

Teamwork; forward planning; knowing your audience; getting over the knock-backs. These are all familiar concepts required to head up a successful band as well as a successful business. Bruce uses his time on stage to examine each of these challenges, and reveals how a tenacious, positive approach to overcoming them is the key to making progress.

Quantum leap

When put like that, commissioning an iconic band leader to draw in the crowds and engage your audiences at your next industry event actually makes a lot of sense.

More baffling, perhaps, is why this heavy metal front man has ended up in the world of keynote motivational speaking in the first place. A look back on his life reveals that certain clues were apparent from the early days.

Going back

Wind the clock back a few years and you’ll come across a school-boy who is about to learn a valuable lesson about the importance of business planning in class.

“One of my earliest ventures was when I was nine years old,” he says. “I realised there was a shortage of pencils at school, so I started Rent-a-Pencil. But I made a fundamental mistake. Everybody stole my pencils.”

Thankfully, Bruce’s spirit was left intact despite this early setback.

In subsequent years, he not only honed his enthusiasm, energy and drive into competitive fencing on an international level, he set out on the musical career that would turn him into a global superstar.

New ventures take off

With Bruce on board, Iron Maiden rose to the height of its fame in the 1980s. However, it is after a long and successful career as the band’s singer that the more entrepreneurial Bruce we see on stage comes to the fore.

This new chapter begins with Bruce earning his ‘wings’ by obtaining his pilot’s license and landing a role with the Astraeus airline, flying a Boeing 757 Airbus.

At the time he was still playing the occasional gig with the band . Yet, gradually his musical commitment waned and – at times – stopped completely only to be resurrected again with solo performances, tours and new albums.

Career choices

His career took a more conventional turn in more recent years when he took role of marketing director for Astraeus in 2010.

This move preluded a number of further commercially-led endeavours, many of which still take up much of his time today. As well as continuing to tour and record with Iron Maiden, he brews and sells the Iron Maiden brand of beer TROOPER, makes regular appearances on TV, writes books and runs Cardiff Aviation Ltd – his company that specialises in the maintenance of aircraft.

Rocky road

Rock-star legend, pilot, one time international fencer, author, speaker, business owner, presenter. The polymathic talent of Bruce Dickinson is almost hard to take in.

Yet it was during 2015 that Bruce’s innate resilience and drive would be put to the biggest test.

He contracted – and thankfully overcame – cancer in recent years, something that must have been his biggest and most formidable challenge to date. Yet after receiving extensive radiotherapy treatment, he got the ‘all clear’ later on that year.

Life experience

It’s because of the very fact that Bruce has had his share of knocks that makes his motivational speeches all the more captivating and relevant to his corporate audiences. In our own way we can all resonate with having overcome the highs and lows of life. What makes Bruce special, however, is his attitude to dealing with adversity whenever it raises its head.

Despite what may seem like a complex yet wonderfully intertwined series of life choices, Bruce’s overriding message to his corporate audience is actually quite simple: “Whatever you are doing. Be cool, have integrity, get back on the horse. Never ever give up, you have to get back on the horse.”

Now that’s what you call heavy mettle.

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