Sarah Miles

Renowned Actress, Author and Scriptwriter

About Sarah Miles

Sarah Miles is an English actress whose career flourished during the Swinging Sixties and the early Seventies. Her best-known films include The Servant, Blowup, Ryan’s Daughter and Hope and Glory. During her acting career Sarah was nominated for several BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards. She has survived a breath-taking mosaic of battles which she ultimately won throughout her unique career and life; she is a lady shining with positivity.

Miles has stayed away from acting in recent years, having preferred instead to pursue her second career as a writer. This is not from lack of offers, there have been a number of scripts that have fallen on her doormat, but none of them sparked a passion that would entice her back to the theatre.

“My career is not as important to me as my integrity,” she smiles. “I made that choice and I’m very happy. I’m a very happy person. That’s because I have never fallen short of what I think or what I believe to be justice.”

In 2013 Sarah opened her house as ‘Chithurst Manor Healing Centre’ which operates as a non-profit business providing alternative healing and therapy. The Centre also provides meditation and retreat sessions, and other holistic therapies.

Sarah now wants to share her unique experiences during her career and life. Having met most of the acting ‘greats’ and lived a full life, she is full of fascinating and often humorous anecdotes.

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Interview with Sarah Miles

You have had a successful career as an actress, across stage, TV and in film. Do you believe you fulfilled your potential as an actress and would you do anything differently if you had the time again?

I would have played my cards differently when being endlessly sexually assaulted, abused, whatever. I should have been more gentle, and handled it far more cannily, rather than snarling at them to get lost’. Because all I gained by flinging them off me was to lose the role. I also made a vow that I would never do violent films, special effect films and never ever do a commercial, by that I mean to link myself with some consumer product, turning down over 3 million dollars over my career. Now that’s peanuts by today’s standards, but it certainly wasn’t to mine!

You have faced and overcome many challenges throughout your life and career, what motivates and inspires you to keep creatively strong?

Since 1973 I’ve been practicing total surrender, the hardest lesson of all. Total surrender to a higher intelligence requires utter doubtlessness, and this wondrously doubtless state of being is almost impossible to achieve. I’m able to achieve it most of the time nowadays, yet I still let doubt creep in occasionally so I still have a way to go. But in passing everything over to a higher intelligence, automatically the stress, angst, fear simply drops away because one’s higher intelligence is taking care of everything, leaving you full of light, doubtlessness and trust.

You lived a reclusive life at your healing centre for a number of years. Was this a pivotal time to evaluate which direction you wanted your life to go in or was it more a case of replenishing mind and body?

No, all I have been doing is trying to understand the relentless blockades placed before me, and finding sufficient trust to hand fate and destiny over to this higher source. In other words I am waiting to get my direction from a higher source, yet staying in a state of contentment, pretty much all the time. You see, I feel very strongly about our future. As robots begin to take over (which they most certainly will) we will be unable to compete. So if we are to remain superior beings we will have to start digging deep, and contact our spirit, (which lately has been muddled up with religion and therefore laid dormant). Robots don’t ‘DO’ spirit, and never will. And we are mostly spirit, so let’s get cracking!

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Sarah is a master of beautiful words and her witty brand of story-telling takes you from farce to soul as fast as she and indeed her audience can go. Her presentations are full of inspirational messages.

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