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  • Interview with Robert Picardo

    Interview with Robert Picardo

    Do you believe that science fiction can ever become science fact and, if so, how critical a role do you believe that new technologies such as AI and robotics will…

    5 min read
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  • Interview with Dhiraj Mukherjee

    Interview with Dhiraj Mukherjee

    You are co-founder of Shazam, which is now one of the most popular apps in existence. Was it possible in the beginning to have a clear understanding of just how…

    5 min read
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  • Gentler, More Aware ‘Cobots’ Are Coming

    Gentler, More Aware ‘Cobots’ Are Coming

    GE Robotics recently spoke to Professor Rodney Brooks, where he opened the GE Global Research Robotics Symposium. Below is an edited version of their conversation. Few people have done more…

    5 min read
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