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Akio Miyabayashi

Leading Global Business Strategist, Former CEO of Minolta Europe

Akio Miyabayashi was CEO of Minolta Europe for twenty years and is considered one of the most outstanding Japanese businessmen in Europe. He became CEO Minolta Europe in 1975, and led them through a period of tremendous change until 1995 displaying an uncanny ability to understand different cultures of the world and utilising them for successful growth.

"Akio Miyabayashi advises several major Japanese corporations operating in Europe"

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In detail

Currently Akio Miyabayashi is an Advisory Board Member of the Graduate School of Business Administration, Zurich and is a Lecturer in Strategy. He also conducts the Executive Leadership Program for the American Management Association where he lectures on Business Strategy. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Minolta Ltd in Japan, with special responsibility for Europe. Upon retirement in 1995 he became Senior Corporate Adviser for Minolta.

What he offers you

Akio Miyabayashi's clear understanding of the criteria and driving forces of global competitiveness enable him to provide decision makers with the tools to successfully develop operations. He has shared centre stage with many of the world's prominent politicians and business leaders. His presentations give insights into global but in particular European and Asian developments in industry, management and society, and offer meaningful projections into the 21st Century.

How he presents

Akio Miyabayashi is a charismatic speaker with unique knowledge of European, American and Japanese cultures.


He presents in English, German & Japanese.

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  • Business Strategy
  • Business Leadership
  • Managing Fundamental Change
  • Competitiveness
  • Far East / Asia
  • Achieving Global Competitiveness Through Total Quality Management
  • Organisational Change

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