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Ann Booth-Clibborn

TV Producer & Story Coach

Ann Booth-Clibborn is the BAFTA nominated TV producer behind the most successful format of the 90's, Changing Rooms which innovated a brand-new genre of TV shows across the world. Ann went on to create You Are What You Eat, and Lost Gardens and worked with the BBC Country File team to re-invigorate their format.

"A story travels faster than light"

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In detail

As a young producer, Ann developed the format of Changing Rooms from an unpromising brief for a 'DIY game show'. Ann was at the centre of the very special set of circumstances, events and talents that came together to create this juggernaut of a cultural event. After Changing Rooms, Homebase profits shot up, interior design courses were inundated and the show itself was watched by almost 50% of TV viewers in the UK when it was transmitted. Ann has also worked with businesses and organisations as a story coach, exploring how creativity, innovation and storytelling can be unlocked within an organisation.

What she offers you

Ann tells her compelling story of the 14 months which started with a 4-week TV development contract, and ended by launching one of the BBC's most successful formats of the decade. Ann uses the lessons learned over this time to show how to build a productive creative environment, how to feed innovation not kill it and how to ensure that innovation becomes 'business as usual' to put rocket fuel in future growth.

How she presents

Ann is a warm and entertaining speaker who tells her extraordinary story with passion and enthusiasm. Ann is now an expert in her field of business story-telling and unlocking business creativity and so is able to draw very relevant lessons for the world of business from her experience creating Changing Rooms.


She presents in English.

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  • How to Innovate Like a TV Producer
  • Don't Deliver Data - Tell Stories
  • Harvesting Staff Stories

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