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Brian Oxman

Famed Celebrity Attorney, Expert on Legal and Business Ethics

Brian Oxman is a LA Defense Attorney and has practiced law for over 30 years. He is a professor of Law at Irvine University, and is a radio talk show host on AM 830. He was an adviser to Former Governor Jerry Brown, now Attorney General of California. He was counsel for Michael Jackson in one of the most widely publicized criminal trials in American history in 2005.

"Brian has reported on & participated in legal proceedings involving the high profile corporate scandals that have rocked the global economy, & he offers a new perspective on business crimes"

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In detail

Brian Oxman has appeared on Good Morning America, NBC Today, CBS Early Show, Larry King, Bill O'Reilly, Paula Zahn, Greta Van Susteren, Nancy Grace, 48 Hours, Dateline NBC, NPR, BBC, Fuji Japan, and RKL Germany. He has represented various Jackson Family members since 1989. Other former clients include Diane Mattson (from the Robert Blake murder case), astronauts Richard Gordon and Ron Evans, Denver Broncos' owner Patrick Bolan, Paris Hilton, Kobe Bryant and Anna Nicole Smith.

What he offers you

Brian Oxman has excited audiences for years, on the lecture circuit, television, radio and print, talking about celebrity law and scandal. Having witnessed what the rich and famous learn the hard way, Brian provides lessons we can all use to seek the benefits of a truthful and ethical life. His worldwide audiences enjoy his interesting and insightful perspective from a true insider. His experience as a Law Professor and lecturer on legal and business ethics helps businesses create a corporate culture that avoids scandal.

How he presents

Brian Oxman's presentations are an audio / visual delight, exposing the inside of the latest corporate, celebrity, and government headlines from corruption to paedophilia. Ripped from the world's new media Brian Oxman's presentations penetrate the facades of the current issues and expose what really happens behind the scenes.


He presents in English.

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  • Celebrity Justice: Press Freedom and Fair Trials
  • Dealing with Corporate Scandals
  • Seven Ways to Corporate Self-destruction - Tracking the Risks
  • Ethical Business Practices in the Global Economy
  • Negotiating Like a Pro
  • Ethics and Honesty - A New Formula for Wealth and Success

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