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Carlo Ungaro

Leading Expert on Economic, Social and Political Issues

Carlo Ungaro is an Italian ambassador and retired Diplomatic Officer who has served in a variety of postings in Africa, Asia and Europe. From 2005 to 2007 he was the political adviser to the Italian contingent of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Herat, Afghanistan and served as head of the Italian Diplomatic Delegation to Somalia. Ungaro has published a book of short stories 'Il Manuale del Perfetto Diplomatico' and, recently an article in the International Herald Tribune on Afghanistan.

"A renowned and respected expert on economy and politics"

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In detail

During his five-year-stay in the Balkans, Carlo Ungaro opened the Headquarter of the European Community Monitoring Mission in Croatia. In Albania he served as diplomatic advisor to the Italian led multilateral military contingent, and then, with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Croatia and, finally as head of the OSCE Spillover Mission in Skopje. He was also Counsellor in Kuala Lumpur, Consul General in Rotterdam, and served as a junior diplomat in Kinshasa, and as Vice Consul in Bedford (England).

What he offers you

Carlo Ungaro has a wide experience as consultant in issues such as social, political and economic developments in Central Asia and the Balkans, also in the light of gender issues and protection of ethnic minorities.

How he presents

Carlo Ungaro is an engaging and insightful communicator. His presentations are an in depth analysis of economic, political and social issues masterfully delivered for audiences around the globe.


He presents in English and Italian.

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  • The Balkans
  • Central Asia
  • Globalization
  • Protection of Ethnic Minorities
  • Economic, Social and Political Issues


  • Il Manuale del Perfetto Diplomatico

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