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David Fishwick

Self-Made Millionaire, Founder of "Bank of Dave"

David Fishwick is a self-made millionaire who achieved his success through hard graft, northern grit, determination and a bucketful of common sense. Frustrated with the banking crisis, David decided to set up a bank to provide a lifeline to the local businesses struggling to get help from the financial big boys. His efforts where the subject of a Channel 4 series screened during the summer 2012, called Bank of Dave.

"You must never ever give up. Against all the odds, we went against all the institutions, and just kept going. I deeply care about this. We need to change banking in Britain, forever."

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In detail

David has made his name with his North Valley Road Minibus and Vans empire but he wanted to put something back into the community. Along with offering his customers a far better rate of interest than they get in established banks, David doles out honest and constructive business advice - just like a traditional bank manager. David's TV series and accompanying book charts his progress as he faces the challenges of setting up his own bank to make a profit within 180 days.

What he offers you

David is a real inspiration and a brilliant speaker. He describes the journey as he attempts to turn the discredited financial system on its head. It charts David's progress from his initial idea to making it all happen against a backdrop of red tape and a stringent regulatory framework.

How he presents

It is inspirational to see someone who is so passionate about trying to change the status quo. David's ability to tell his story in a very grounded, simple and authentic way enables him to touch everyone in his audience.


He presents in English.

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  • 2012
    Bank of Dave: How I Took On the Banks: The Story of One Man's Heroic Attempt to Take On the Banks'

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