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Dipak R. Pant

Founder of Interdisciplinary Unit for Sustainable Economy

Prof. Dipak R. Pant advises governmental, non-governmental and business organisations on policy and planning issues for environmentally sustainable and socially sound developments. A tireless world explorer, he is regarded as the pioneer of 'Extreme Lands Program' which conducts ethnographic field surveys and economic studies.

"Italy's leading speaker on sustainable economic development"

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In detail

In addition to his role as the leader of Interdisciplinary Unit for Sustainable Economy and Extreme Lands Program, he lectures on sustainability issues, development planning and global human security issues in some West European, Chinese and US scientific institutions. His field experience, insight and informed perspective are regularly sought by the business community, scientific organizations, governments and NGOs. He is credited with shaping the global development debate by linking social and environmental sustainability with market competitiveness through the strategic concept of 'place-brand'

What he offers you

By exploring vastness, diversity and complexity of human conditions in our world that is ever getting closer by transportation, technology and economic globalization, he clearly conveys the far reaching implications for organizations, communities and nations. He explains how unprecedented risks, challenges, and opportunities are emerging out of the global churning of eco-systems, ethnic identities and economies. The originality and freshness of his first-hand real-life experience and the profoundness of his reflections and vision are unparalleled.

How he presents

A lively and fluid speaker, Prof. Pant is deeply thoughtful and simple and uses comprehensible common terminology.


He speaks English, Nepali, Italian, Hindi and Spanish.

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  • Planning with People
  • The Future of World-system and Earth-system
  • Next Economy
  • Strategic Importance of the Extreme Lands
  • Ethnicity, Nation-state and Globalization
  • Inter-cultural Dialogue, International Business and Global Human Security
  • Consciousness Revolution and Economic Re-organization
  • Place-brand


  • 2007
    Bussola per Como
  • 2004
    Antropologia e Strategia
  • 2002
    Armenia, the Next Economy: An Interdisciplinary Future-view
  • 2001
    The Use of Fog as a Possible New Water Resource in South American Coastal Desert

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