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Dominic O\'Brien

Eight Times World Memory Champion

Dominic O'Brien is a British mnemonist. He is the eight times world memory champion and works as a trainer for Peak Performance Training. He had an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for his 2002 feat of committing to memory a random sequence of 2808 playing cards (54 packs) after looking at each card only once.

"I memorise ten packs of cards a day. When it's over, I usually have a headache"

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In detail

Dominic began developing the mnemonic techniques that have made him famous when he saw Creighton Carvello memorise a pack of 52 playing cards in less than three minutes. His total belief in this issue of balance, coupled with his research into the brain, neuro-feedback and photic-stimulation have led him, with a colleague, to develop the unique Brainwave Conditioning System. This is a system that has been used to help condition peak performance in athletes and sportsmen and is now being used to help in the treatment of dyslexia and attention-deficit disorder, resulting in extremely rapid changes.

What he offers you

An outstanding mnemonist Dominic offers audiences fascinating insights into his memorisation techniques. He explains how you can reach peak personal and business performance by improving reading speed, memory and concentration skills. He gives lectures, and has been seen on television programmes such as The Human Body.

How he presents

Described as the greatest memoriser of them all Dominic is a highly professional and confident presenter.


He presents in English.

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  • Improving Performance
  • Memorisation Techniques
  • Developing a Brilliant Memory
  • Unique Brainwave Conditioning System


  • 2012
    The Brilliant Memory Tool Kit
  • 2011
    You can Have an Amazing Memory
  • 2005
    How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week: 52 Proven Ways to Enhance Your Memory Skills
  • 2003
    Never Forget Facts and Figures
  • 2003
    Never Forget a Speech
  • 2002
    Never Forget a Name or Face
  • 2002
    Numbers and Dates
  • 2001
    Quantum Memory Power

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