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Gabor George Burt

Leading expert on Blue Ocean Strategy, Value Innovation and Defying Conventional Wisdom

Gabor George Burt is an internationally recognized expert on Blue Ocean Strategy and Value Innovation; the highly acclaimed, new approach to high-growth strategy formation and implementation. He is also regarded as a thought leader on the cognitive perspective of Defying Conventional Wisdom. Taken together, his two spheres of expertise are especially relevant in helping organizations to create successful strategies during times of economic uncertainty.

"The entire global economy requires Blue Ocean Strategy." Bruce Nussbaum, Business Week

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In detail

Gabor George Burt is also the chief architect and original host of the Blue Ocean Executive Experience series, an exclusive immersion forum on Blue Ocean Strategy and Defying Conventional Wisdom. He is actively involved in shaping strategy with a diverse group of international clients spanning from Fortune 500 firms to successful start-ups, as well as in his own wide-ranging application of the Blue Ocean and DCW concepts.

What he offers you

An engaging and provocative presenter, Gabor George Burt aims to uncover the core concepts of Blue Ocean Strategy and the mindset of Defying Conventional Wisdom in a way that is immediately accessible for his audiences. He is a frequent lecturer and advisor to companies on the topic of innovation and strategies that lead to uncontested market space.

How he presents

Gabor George Burt is an engaging and entertaining speaker, whose provocative and highly-relevant presentations both inform and inspire audiences.


He presents in English.

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  • Blue Ocean Strategy Application
  • Defying Conventional Wisdom
  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Growth

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