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Greg Clark

City & Regional Development Advisor, Speaker & Facilitator

Greg Clark is a city and regional development advisor, speaker, and facilitator, with 20 years experience, principally in leadership roles in city agencies in London, UK, and advisory roles with many cities/regions, Governmental and inter-Governmental organisations, internationally. He currently holds a portfolio of core roles; including Senior Fellow, ULI EMIA, Lead Advisor on City and Regional Development at the Department for Communities and Local Government and advisor to the OECD, British Council on City and Regional Development.

"A highly respected commentator in his field"

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In detail

Greg Clark provides strategic advice and peer reviews for many cities and regions world wide. Based on his knowledge of the working successes of over 100 cities and regions around the world he distils practical insights to inform the development plans and tools of those who consult him. Greg also regularly facilitates meetings, conferences, seminars and negotiations between groups and individuals engaged in the drive to make cities and regions work better.

What he offers you

Greg Clark distils the very best practices from around the world to help cities and regions tackle real challenges effectively, generate new leadership, build new city-regional strategies, foster business collaborations, generate financial innovation and powerful place branding.

How he presents

A dynamic conference speaker and chairman, Greg Clark has contributed to over 200 conferences world wide. He speaks on issues facing cities such as competitiveness and growth, leadership and place, financing the future, and the advantages of diversity and openness in a global economy.


He presents in English.

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  • Making Cities and Regions Work
  • Cities, Regions, Nations and Globalisation
  • Business and the City-Region
  • Leadership and Place
  • Financing the Future
  • Building City Brands
  • Diversity and Open-ness in Cities

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