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Ian Jackson

Aviation Security Authority

After over two decades as a commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force (RAF), specialising in security and intelligence work and then as Head of Security at British Airways (1992-94), Ian Jackson established himself as one of the world's leading authorities in security matters and particularly aviation security and control. This led him to form Aston Hill Associates, where he provides advice and guidance to many of the international airlines and aerospace industries (including British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Gulf Air, Singapore Airlines, British Aerospace etc.) on all aspects of operational and non-operational security.

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In detail

In addition to counter terrorism and counter intelligence work, Ian's earlier career in the RAF from 1963-1990 has given extensive and varied experience of security and policing issues. This includes threat assessment, protection of royalty and VIPs, physical security design, personnel reliability programmes, organisation and management of security and inspections and investigations. He has been a Fellow of the Institute of Management, was a founding member of the Risk and Security Management Forum on its inception in 1990 and joined the American Society for Industrial Security in 1994.

What he offers you

Ian Jackson has published several articles in specialist magazines and is a regular speaker on security topics at conferences and seminars. His extensive knowledge on information protection and working against terrorism is now a key feature around the globe

How he presents

Ian Jackson is a knowledgeable and informative speaker, who delivers clear and concise presentations on a wide range of current security issues.


He presents in English.

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  • Risk and Security Management
  • Aviation Security and Control
  • Information Protection and Control Intelligence Work

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