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Jack Black

Leading Authority on Personal Development

Jack Black is the founder and course director of The MindStore System, one of the world's leading personal development programmes. Jack established MindStore in 1990. Through his experience in social services and education, he witnessed the devastating effects of stress and the resulting waste in human potential. He developed a passion to discover how stress could be managed and personal development harnessed to allow people to fulfil their potential. With MindStore offices throughout Europe, Jack Black's philosophy is spreading around the world.

"Managers radically re-evaluated the way they operated in creative thinking and problem solving." Thomas Cook Group Ltd

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In detail

In 1996 Jack was nominated by the Scotsman newspaper as "one of the top individuals to shape our nation" and has appeared on the Scottish Television programme, Local Heroes. In recent years Jack has worked with international leaders in the field of organisational development to create a powerful new approach.

What he offers you

Jack's motivating presentation style moves his audience to make massive changes in their way of thinking, whilst inspiring and entertaining. His contribution to innovating change within organisations throughout the UK and Europe has created a reputation that is second to none. Jack has taught the "MindStore" programme to people as diverse as world champion athletes, premier football clubs, company directors, musicians, engineers, members of the general public and a wide range of organisations and blue chip companies.

How he presents

He is an internationally renowned keynote speaker and has become famous for his inimitable presentation style and charisma. Over the years Jack has developed a passion to discover how stress could be managed and self belief could be enhanced in order that people would fulfil their true potential.


He presents in English

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  • Realising Your Full Potential
  • Self Belief and Positive Expectation
  • Positive Mental Attitudes
  • Sustaining Peak Performance
  • Stress Management


  • 2001
    MindStore for Sports: Coach Yourself to Peak Performance (coauthor Francis Smith)
  • 1999
    You Can't Win: An Autobiography
  • 1996
    MindStore for Personal Development
  • 1994
    MindStore: The Ultimate Mental Fitness Programme

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