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Prof. James Belasco

Business Leadership Strategist and Best-Selling Author

Dr. James Belasco is a pragmatic, rigorous, and dynamic visionary whose revolutionary ideas and practices are creating dramatic improvements in organisations around the globe. His passion for impacting his clients' business triggers change among individual leaders and sets the stage for organisational redirection and reengineering. He continues to challenge organisations to redefine management and constantly create environments to foster their employees' learning, growth, and success.

"Evaluate what you want - because what gets measured, gets produced"

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In detail

The world's leading companies have embraced Dr. Belasco's research and teachings on business strategy, leadership, change management, and competitive advantage. More than just a theorist, Dr. Belasco has put his expertise and insight to the test. He led a major computer software and service firm to 10 years of phenomenal growth and high margins. He also grew the revenues of a specialty chemical business to the highest margins and market share in its niche.

What he offers you

His focus on strategy, leadership, and change energises audience members with fresh ideas to improve themselves and their organisations by moving from traditional, autocratic management to flat, customer-focused, and horizontally managed organisations.

How he presents

A dynamic and entertaining keynote speaker, Dr. Belasco isrecognised for his ability to have a lasting impact on his audiences. In keynotes and seminars alike, he challenges audience members to become revolutionary leaders.


He presents in English.

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  • Leadership Development through Coaching and Mentoring
  • Strategy Development
  • Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Empowering Change in Your Organisation
  • Organisational Redirection


  • 2002
    Partnering: The New Face of Leadership
  • 2002
    Leading Authorities on Business
  • 2000
    The Ten Commandments of Success
  • 2000
    Seize Tomorrow, Start Today
  • 1999
    Soaring with the Phoenix
  • 1994
    Flight of the Buffalo
  • 1991
    Teaching the Elephant to Dance

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