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Jeremy Bowen

BBC Middle East Editor

Jeremy Bowen provides reportage, commentary and analysis on events in the Middle East. He has reported from more than 70 countries, covering conflicts in the Gulf, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya and Rwanda for almost 30 years.

"BBC's long-serving and widely respected Middle East Editor"

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In detail

He's been shot at by tanks, robbed at gunpoint by bandits, and been at the scene of explosions and natural disasters. He has interviewed civilian and military leaders from all over the Middle East and is widely recognised as one of the leading authorities on the region. Previously a special correspondent for BBC News, Jeremy reported on the death of Pope John Paul II from Rome, and covered the devastation caused by the tsunami in Sri Lanka. Prior to that he took a break from conflicts and disasters and was the face of BBC Breakfast at its launch. Jeremy was the first British journalist to interview Muammar Gaddafi after the start of the Libyan civil war. He has received several awards, including the New York Television Festival's Best News Correspondent and Best Breaking News Report for his coverage of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination.

What he offers you

Jeremy Bowen provides riveting anecdotes from a life reporting on the front line at some of the most fraught conflicts of the past twenty years. Jeremy has covered hostilities from over 70 countries ranging from El Salvador, Somalia to the West Bank and his current role as the BBC's Middle East Editor enables him to cast a welcome light onto one of the most complex areas of the world.

How he presents

Used to the pressure of reporting on live television, Jeremy is a relaxed and confident presenter and is equally at home whether hosting an event or speaking about his own personal experiences.


Jeremy presents in English.

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  • The Middle East
  • Lessons from the Crisis
  • Current Affairs
  • The Political Landscape
  • Cultural Differences


  • 2013
    The Arab Uprisings: The People Want the Fall of the Regime
  • 2012
    War Stories
  • 2004
    Six Days: How the 1967 War Shaped the Middle East

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