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Jim Harris

Author and Management Consultant

Jim Harris is one of North America's foremost, authors and thinkers on change and leadership. His best-selling book 'Blindsided!' presents a series of tools, techniques and strategies to help business leaders identify trends earlier and more accurately predict their impact.

"Can a company appear healthy and yet be dead?"

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In detail

Jim earned his BA at Queen's University, has lived and worked in Europe, Australia and Canada and now lives in Toronto. Jim Harris joined Cleantech Group TM in 2006 as the Managing Partner for Cleantech Advisors. Jim is also the former leader of the fiscally responsible Green Party of Canada. Association magazine ranked him as one of the nation's top ten speakers. As a management consultant Jim conducts internationally strategic planning sessions with executive teams, focusing on the most pressing issues. He successfully explores this new style of decision making by answering some of the most important questions about "blindsidedness". He is an international bestselling author.

What he offers you

Jim is skilled not only as a platform speaker, but is experienced in leading strategic planning sessions with executive teams. His thoroughly researched and individually tailored programs focus on key leadership issues affecting all organizations. A gifted communicator, it is ultimately his obvious concern for people, and his commitment to increasing the individual and organizational growth of his clients.

How he presents

As a speaker and workshop leader Jim delivers interactive, original and thought provoking discussions on the most pertinent issues of leadership, change, innovation, the learning organisation, customer retention and future trends.


He presents in English.

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  • Blindsided!
  • Green is Green!
    Leadership and Change Management
  • Innovation, Creativity and Change
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Future Trends and eLearning
  • Creating Learning Organization
  • Strategic Planning Amid Complexity
  • Creating Common Mission/Vision
  • Teamwork


  • 2002
    Emotional Learning
  • Blindsided! Strategies for Accelerating Recognition and Response in a Fast Changing World
  • 1998
    The Learning Paradox
  • 1991
    The 100 Best Companies to Work for in Canada

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