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Laura Bingham


Laura Bingham is a woman of many talents, adventurer, speaker and full time mum. Her journey started out in 2014 when she decided to attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean with no experience whatsoever in sailing. Alongside two other crew members, it took them two whole months, encountering a near deadly storm in the process.

"Laura is passionate about inspiring others through her adventures."

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In detail

Two years after crossing the Atlantic, Laura took on the mammoth challenge of crossing South America without any money, all in aid of Operation South America, a charity for homeless and abused young girls in Paraguay. Living off scraps and relying on human kindness, it was an eye opening challenge for Laura, who is passionate about sustainability herself, and one of which she had never undertaken before. In 2018, Laura organised and led the world first descent of the Essequibo River in Guyana, before paddling the entire river from its source to the Atlantic Ocean. As a quirky and fearless adventurer, Laura's exploits have earned her recognition from pioneers of the adventure world, including Ranulph Fiennes amongst others.

What she offers you

Laura shares the lessons learnt about team work and collaboration and about how to stay motivated and motivate others when it gets tough. Laura speaks candidly about the impact of being a mother away from her young son. The team overcame many challenges in the terrain and had real highs and lows but they also experienced precious moments in wonder at the enriched virgin rainforest with its diverse wildlife too. Laura has plenty of anecdotes with strong messages to share with audiences.

How she presents

Drawing on her adventures, Laura tailors each presentation to the Client's needs. Each presentation is illustrated with stunning images and short pieces of film footage that bring her challenges alive.


She presents in English.

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  • Motivation
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Sustainability

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