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Lee Thompson

The World's Greatest Pick Pocket

Lee Thompson won the nation's hearts after recently performing on BBC TV's The One Show where he amazed the viewing public, One Show presenter Matt Bacon and studio guest Brian Conley where he 'stole' the show as well as various items of clothing and jewellery unknown to both celebrities. Lee's professional theatrical experience over the past 20 years led to him being head-hunted as a main act by internationally renowned entertainment production company Cirque du Soleil.

"A truly unique close-up magician and pickpocket"

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In detail

Lee joined the cast of Cirque du Soleil 'Kooza' as the principle role of 'The Pickpocket'. During his time with the company, Lee received incredible reviews, performing over 1000 shows to 3.8 million people in 24 months.After touring with the show, Lee decided to return to the UK to spend more time with his young family and promote his own unique brand of Pick Pocket Theatre. Lee has been called upon to advise for the National Geographic, BBC, Channel 4 and 2 film projects one of which he featured in and helped promote at the Cannes Film Festival.

What he offers you

Amazingly talented and adaptable, Lee Thompson is an accomplished physical comedy performer who delivers an engaging and world class encounter to all who have the pleasure of witnessing him in action.

How he presents

Lee Thompson's pure showmanship brings you the best physical comedy pick pocketing in the world. His humorous and fun personality will instantly put any audiences at ease and, of course, every 'stolen' item is returned to its rightful owner, to gasps of astonishment and disbelief!


He presents in English.

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