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Lenny Henry

Founding Member of Comic Relief and Award Winning Comedian

Lenny Henry is the founding member of Comic Relief and an award winning comedian. His media career spans over 30 years as a documentary maker and communicator. Lenny has recently completed a BA Honours in English Literature with the Open University.

"One of the UK's most respected charity spokesmen and celebrity personalities of the last decade"

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In detail

Throughout the years, Lenny has been present at some of the most amazing events in history, two Mandela days as co-host, various Red Nose days and performances for Amnesty International. Lenny has travelled far and wide for Comic Relief fundraising purposes. He has been a firm advocate for cultural diversity, both at the BBC and throughout the entertainment field. Together with diversity, Lenny is passionate about education and self development which he believes are the cornerstones to achievement and success.

What he offers you

Lenny has a contagious energy and strong personality that makes him a highly entertaining and motivational speaker. He draws from both his personal experiences as well as his vast media experience, which has equipped him for more than just the stand up comedy, acting, writing, producing for which he has become renowned.

How he presents

Enthusiasm and wit are undisputedly just a few of Lenny's strengths, along with validity of message. Lenny has won many admirers worldwide with his unique style and impeccable delivery. His presentations are inspiring and well researched.


He presents in English.

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  • Education
  • Diversity
  • Self-Development

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