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Dr. Michael Kimmel

Sociologist and Best-Selling Author

Michael Kimmel has received international recognition for his work on men and masculinity. Dr Kimmel is also a well-known educator concerning diversity and gender issues. His groundbreaking ideas have been featured in newspapers and magazine articles (The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, People amongst others) and on television shows, such as Donahue, Sonia Live, CNN, etc.

One of the world's leading experts on diversity and gender in the workplace

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In detail

Michael has lectured and run workshops for numerous corporate clients on how to implement successful gender equality programs - and why men should support them. He has also lectured at over 200 colleges and universities on the changing relations between women and men.

What he offers you

His innovative research and presentations offer a unique point of view why gender equality and diversity is in men's interest.

How he presents

No stranger to public appearances both on television and at leading conferences the world over, Michael's presentations are highly entertaining, captivating and definitely eye-opening.


He presents in English.

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  • Workplace Diversity
  • The "Gendered" Workplace
  • Work - Family Balance
  • Men and Masculinity


  • 2005
    The Gender of Desire
  • 2004
    Handbook of Men and Masculinities
  • 2000
    The Gendered Society
  • 1996
    Manhood in America: A Cultural History
  • 1992
    Against the Tide: Pro-Feminist Men in the States, 1776-1990
  • 1990
    Men Confront Pornography

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