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Paul Dickerson

A Recognised Leader on Politics, Energy & Energy Efficiency

Paul Dickerson is an expert at finding important intersections among international politics, emerging technologies and patterns within worldwide energy sectors, and global economic trends. Paul wears and has worn many hats - as a senior-level advisor within the United States government, an attorney and an investment banker.

"A Global Energy Expert"

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In detail

Paul Dickerson splits his time between practicing law with Mintz Levin's Corporate & Securities Section in Boston, Massachusetts, and working as a Managing Director for the investment bank of WoodRock & Co. in Houston, Texas. He offers interchangeably insights with crossover appeal for public and private sector audiences. Formerly, he served as Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. In this role, he oversaw a $2 billion annual budget while managing the international commercialization of advanced energy solutions like bio-fuels, and solar, wind, and efficiency technologies. He also served as Chief of Staff for the Foreign Commercial Service at the US Department of Commerce, where he managed a worldwide network of 1,700 employees in 260 offices.

What he offers you

Paul offers high-minded analysis that can challenge and inspire decision-makers of all stripes, whether they are government officials, diplomats, investors or business executives. Using memorable stories from his own experiences and lessons learned, he easily connects with audiences, leaving them smarter and empowered to act.

How he presents

Passionate, smart and funny, Paul speaks from a podium, without using PowerPoint - synching directly with the audience and speaking from the heart. He enjoys taking questions from the audience, and is very comfortable with moderated discussions.


He presents in English.

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  • Politics and Energy - the Road Ahead
  • America's Next 4 Years
  • Investing in Energy
  • Oil and Gas - Fracking - Renewables: An "All of the Above" Approach
  • China, Europe, Latin America, Africa - International Energy Demand
  • Energy Policy - What it Means for Businesses Worldwide

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