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Raymond Keene OBE

International Chess Grandmaster. Author of Samurai Chess.

Raymond Keene OBE is an influential figure in the chess world, bringing many notable chess events to London including three world chess championships and one world draughts championship. He is also the author of over 130 books on chess written (the world record) and thinking. Ray has organised three world chess championships, seventeen World Memory Championships, the first ever Man v Machine world championship in any thinking sport.

''Raymond Keene OBE will no doubt remain influential in the chess world for the years to come''

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In detail

Educated at Dulwich College and Trinity College, Cambridge (where he studied modern languages), Ray rose to prominence in the chess scene in the early seventies. He won the British Chess Championship at Blackpool in 1971. At that time the UK had no GMs, and its best known player was the highly respected Jonathan Penrose (who famously beat Mikhail Tal in 1960). Keene was the first British player to achieve a GM result. He has been Chess commentator for Thames TV and Channel 4 with over 200 chess programmes to his credit. Raymond is chess correspondent for the Times, the Sunday Times and the Spectator. He has contributed extensively on chess to the International Herald Tribune.

What he offers you

Keene offers vast media experience having regularly appears on television, most notably as main presenter of Duels of the Mind, a series which aires on ITV network. He has lectured and given displays and performances on Chess and Thinking in 60 different countries.

How he presents

Responsible for a number of significant chess events, Raymond Keene's presentations are highly interesting and entertaining.


He presents in English.

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  • The difference between strategy and tactics
  • Long and Short Term Thinking
  • The Need for Sacrifice at Key Moments
  • Blending Local and Global Approach


  • 1999
    Grandmaster Strategy
  • 1998
    Learn from the Grandmasters
  • 1997
    Samurai Chess

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