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Robin Wight

Doyen of British Advertising

Robin Wight is a doyen of Advertising, the former President of Engine and a founding partner of WCRS an iconic ad agency of the 1980's. Wight started his first ad agency while at university and worked at CDP before going on to co-launch WCRS in 1979.

"An internationally acclaimed advertising guru"

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In detail

At WCRS, he was the creative force behind, among others, "The future's bright, the future's Orange", the 118 118 runners, "The ultimate driving machine" creative strategy for BMW and work for Carling Black Label. Wight continues to work with the Ideas Foundation, the charity he founded almost 20 years ago to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds get into the advertising industry. In addition, he will serve as an honorary colonel in the 77th Brigade, the Army's information warfare brigade. Robin runs the Exmoor Branding Consultancy, which gives marketing advice to local initiatives such as a branding campaign for Exmoor lamb. He is also writing a book on the past 40 years of WCRS and his work in communications, called 'The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On'.

What he offers you

Robin has a tenacious grasp on the changing realities of marketing. He stands out as a gifted, bold, sometimes brash, always opinionated and successful executive.

How he presents

A charismatic, ultra cool and quick witted speaker, Robin's speeches are always cultured, entertaining and provocative. He motivates and inspires audiences worldwide.


He presents in English.

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  • Why Ideas Produce More Value than Fracking
  • Harvesting Creativity Out of Diversity
  • Why Focus Groups Are Old Hat
  • How Ideas Create Magic


  • 2007
    The Peacock's Tail and The Reputation Reflex - The Neuroscience Of Art Sponsorship
  • Forthcoming
    The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On


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