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Prof. Roger Ballentine

Environmentalist, Founder & President of Green Strategies Inc.

Roger Ballentine is the Founder and President of Green Strategies, Inc. He advises and represents businesses, associations, government agencies and non-profit entities on domestic and international public policy issues and business strategies, focusing on energy, environmental and conservation matters. He was a senior member of the White House staff, serving President Bill Clinton as Chairman of the White House Climate Change Task Force and as Deputy Assistant to the President for Environmental Initiatives.

"A leading environmentalist & conservationist"

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In detail

Roger directed the US Administration's efforts on climate change, represented the President in numerous international meetings and negotiations, participated at the highest levels in the development and implementation of energy, clean air and other environmental policy, and advised the President on federal lands and coastal protection policies. Prior to being named Deputy Assistant to the President, he was Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs, where he focused on energy and environment issues.

What he offers you

Roger is a frequent speaker on energy and environmental matters at industry, financial sector, and NGO conferences and board meetings. He advises investors and financial institutions on clean technology market developments and assists with deal pipeline development and deal evaluation.

How he presents

Roger's presentations are filled with a host of real life examples as well as important and useful information delivered in an easily digested formula making him a highly sought after speaker.


He presents in English.

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  • Energy
  • Global Warming
  • Clean Air
  • Public Policy
  • Political Dimensions of a Wide Range of Environmental and Conservation Issues


  • 2008
    From Energy Crisis to Energy Security
  • 2007
    The Promise of Biofuels - A Homegrown Solution to Breaking America's Oil Addiction
  • 2006
    A Progressive Energy Platform
  • 2004
    The Next Environmentalism
  • Clean Cars - Kicking America's Oil Habit
  • 2002
    Clear Skies, Cloudy Climate

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