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Sterling Anderson

Co-Founder of Aurora, Director of Tesla Autopilot & Chief PM of Tesla Model X

Sterling Anderson is a world expert in autonomous vehicle technology. Sterling led Tesla's Model X program from its first development build through launch and served as the Director of Tesla Autopilot from its release on the first generation platform through design, development, and launch of the second.

"Automating the driving task -- even in phases -- is an imperative too urgent to wait for perfection"

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In detail

In 2016, Sterling left Tesla to co-found Aurora with Chris Urmson and Drew Bagnell - fellow self-driving pioneers and creators of Google's and Uber's respective self-driving programs. In the late 2000's, his work in shared autonomy paved the way for broad advances in cooperative control of human-machine systems. Sterling received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012.

What he offers you

Sterling Anderson has both breadth and depth with his experiences in technology, innovation and future trends. He can speak to leading-edge developments across the spectrum and to various verticals over a wide range of categories.

How he presents

Sterling Anderson is a popular Speaker, with a captivating style and wisdom. He entertains, informs and motivates global corporate audiences.


He presents in English.

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  • "What, Then, How" Realizing the Power of Right-to-Left Innovation
  • Delivering on the Promise of Autonomous Vehicles

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