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Yves-Michel Marti

Pioneer in Competitive Intelligence

Yves-Michel Marti is the founder of Egideria and of Magentine, leading Competitive Intelligence companies in Europe. He helps his corporate clients obtain the strategic information critical for winning contracts, entering difficult markets, dominating competitors, succeeding in acquisitions and partnerships, and pro-active managing industry regulators.

2001: Yves-Michel Marti was voted Best Speaker at the annual conference of the Food Forum, Amsterdam.

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In detail

Yves-Michel Marti has been a radar designer in Silicon Valley, a scientific prize winner, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, a salesman, a marketer, a general manager in large European and American companies, an entrepreneur and a best-selling author. He is a graduate engineer in Telecommunications from one of the French top "Grandes Ecoles" and holds two Masters of Sciences from the University of Grenoble, and an MBA from INSEAD.

What he offers you

Yves-Michel Marti shares his profound understanding of the nature of information with high-level audiences. He gives business leaders tools and insights managing innovation gleaned from his experience.

How he presents

Yves-Michel is a structured trainer, clear and precise. He is brilliant at making complex things clear and understandable. He uses many examples to get simple and powerful concepts across. He is very approachable and welcomes questions.


He presents in English, French Spanish and Portuguese.

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  • How to Ask the Right Questions
  • How to Be Better Informed than Anyone Else
  • Building Human Networks for Information, Knowledge and Influence
  • Effectively Sharing Knowledge in Corporations
  • From "Knowledge Management" to "Ignorance Management"
  • What Can One Learn from the Intelligence System of the Roman Catholic Church?
  • Historical Best Practices in Competitive Intelligence


  • 1999
    Benchmarking and Business Intelligence (collective work)
  • 1996
    The Art and Science of Business Intelligence Analysis (collective work)
  • 1995
    Business and Competitive Intelligence: The Company Eyes and Ears

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