Geoff Burch

The World's Most Persuasive Man

Geoff Burch has a wealth of experience in illustrating the thinking required to find business success. He is equally at ease delivering presentations at conferences, and as a highly amusing after dinner speaker. Geoff covers everything from sales and negotiation to customer care and how they can be improved.

"The Hell's Angel of Management Consultancy" Financial Times

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  • Change Management
  • Customer Service
  • Empowerment
  • Sales
  • Why Being Self-Employed Beats Everyday Employment
  • Teamwork


Geoff presents in English.

How he presents

On one hand he is very, very funny, but beneath his acerbic humour and his wonderful lampooning of a variety of absurd characterisations, lies a strong and unforgettable business message.


  • Self-Made Me
  • Irresistible Persuasion
  • The Way of the Dog
  • Writing on the Wall
  • Go It Alone
  • Resistance is Useless

In Detail

Geoff has spent years perfecting his art and is able to construct precise training programmes to suit all companies, and to motivate the individuals involved. Geoff currently presents BBC2's All Over the Shop, a show that provides a humorous yet practical approach to the problems that businesses face. The son of a Viennese psychiatrist. Geoff looks at every conceivable area of business, and is renowned for taking a sideways look at the latest business fads and fashions - translating the ones of value into a memorable message that everyone can understand.


Whether it is sales, customer awareness, or change management, Geoff will fire up any team from senior directors, a gathering of international business people, to mass gatherings of ground floor and front line staff with his enthusiasm for the subject, in a way only a true fanatical genius can.


Recent Reviews

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Suppliers Conference Dinner

Geoff Burch was entertaining and got his points over very well. A number of attendees said how useful his content was – overall he was excellent.

Residential Property Developers

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