Josh Cohen

Psychoanalyst, Academic & Author

Josh Cohen is a Professor of English and practicing psychoanalyst, who has written many academic books and articles before turning his hand to books for the general reader. His books 'The Private Life' and 'Not Working' combine explorations of urgent current issues with personal reflections rooted in his experience of both life and psychotherapy.

"A renowned psychoanalyst"

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  • Why Are We Burning Out?
  • Why Laziness is Good for You
  • Reclaiming Your Private Life
  • What Fictional Characters Tell Us About How to Live


He presents in English.

How he presents

Infused with his warm personality and comic observations, Josh's talks make challenging ideas readily accessible and deeply relevant. Josh Cohen conveys sophisticated and bold ideas in an accessible, lively and humorous style.


  • How to Live. What to Do: Life Lessons from Literature
  • Not Working: Why We Have to Stop
  • The Private Life: Why We Remain in the Dark
  • How to Read Freud

In Detail

Appointed to a lectureship in American Literature in 1996, Josh became Professor of Literary Theory at Goldsmiths University of London in 2011. While working as an academic, he trained as a psychoanalyst, qualifying in 2010. He teaches the theory and practice of psychotherapy in a number of different training organisations, and is a frequent contributor to newspapers, journals and magazines. He has spoken at numerous literary festivals and delivered many keynote speeches at conferences on various topics, both cultural and psychological. His next book, 'How to Live. What to Do', offers 'Life Lessons from Literature'.


Josh uses insights from different sources to get us to think about the ways we live our lives, encouraging us to attend more carefully to the cultivation of our inner selves and intimate relationships, and challenging the grip of overwork and overstimulation on our daily lives. His aim is to help others relate more humanely to others and to themselves.


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