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Olivier Oullier Ph.D.

Expert on Behavioural & Brain Science of Information Decision-Making and Consumer Behaviour

Olivier Oullier is recognized globally as a preeminent authority in behaviour and consumer neuroscience. He is the Head of Global Strategy for the Health and Healthcare Industries at the World Economic Forum, is also the Co-founder of the consultancy firm Generation K and a professor at Aix-Marseille University.

"A leading expert on decision-making and consumer behaviour"

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In detail

Olivier is the lead of the global strategy in health and healthcare of the World Economic Forum, including a community development and management of 50+ global companies and organizations in healthcare, health, insurance, retail, media, communication and foundations as well as start-ups in medtech and digital health working on value-based healthcare. He has also worked as an independent consultant and advisor to companies globally, c-suite executives, international organizations, politicians, NGO's and governments. He has authored more than 150 publications in top scientific journals and mainstream newspapers and magazines. He holds a chair of Individual Differences in Human Behavior at Aix-Marseille University. He is also a DJ a Judo black belt and 2nd Dan in Ju-Jitsu.

What he offers you

Olivier's unique field, consulting and academic experience allows him to introduce the concepts of 'social neuromarketing' and 'embodied economics' as new ways to consider insights from the real life of human beings to design realistic strategies and nudges to improve people's life and the functioning of corporations.

How he presents

Olivier's presentations are customised to fit the needs of the clients to whom he is speaking. His messages are powerful and effective, delivered in his personal, yet highly professional style.


He presents in English and French.

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  • Social Neuromarketing
  • Embodied Economics
  • Emorationality
  • Consumer Neuroscience


  • 2010
    Nouvelles Approches de la Prévention en Santé Publique : L'Apport des Sciences Comportementales, Cognitives et des Neurosciences

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