June 2019


The Age of Continuous Connection is with us. It allows us to build ever deeper ties with customers and business partners, boosting operational efficiencies and gaining competitive advantages… At the same time connectivity brings along new challenges. The world is on fire – the number and sophistication of cyberattacks are growing year on year. The modern company board can no longer dismiss the support of cyber defence. Keren Elazari (page 6) goes even so far to say that Hackers will dominate the world stage if we do not find a way to create a rigorous defence. On the other side should we try and find ways wherever possible to collaborate and even learn from Hackers? Some of them might hold the key to our future… The future will be defined by our efforts to balance technology benefits against the risks that it brings.

There are many more onslaughts the world has in store for us, such us the use of artificial intelligence, 3D printing and social changes. How will we survive these changes? As i-Humans? Duncan Wardle says on page 12 that all humans are born with 4 core traits: creativity, imagination, curiosity, and intuition. These traits will likely not be replicated by technology/artificial intelligence… and they are the human basis of all that we are and do. I hope you enjoy this new edition of our Speaker Bulletin and the many exciting contributions of leading thinkers and personalities from across the globe.

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