March 2018


The next decade will undoubtedly be the most disruptive time period of our life as AI (Artificial Intelligence) rips up all the rule books by thinking differently and changing every paradigm we have ever known. In this issue Thought Leaders from across the globe are sharing their unique insights of what they see is affecting our world now and in the future. It’s only the beginning of where our society is heading!

On page 4 Anders Fogh Rasmussen, pictured with the world famous robot Sophia, questions What Will Killer Robots Mean for World Order? Michael Cox lifts some of the mystery behind Populism (p8) and the world’s ultimate entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson emphasises the need to adopt Happiness as a central strategy (p12). Discussions on the ever important impact of Blockchain management and a feature on the amazing 4GameChangers Festival in Vienna from 18 to 20 April follow (p16-18). Reflecting on this week’s International Women’s Day we have underlined the trend of growing female influence in top positions by featuring Lynda Gratton (p2), Christiana Figueres (p3), Ayesha Khanna (p10), Kate Sweetman and Ruby Wax (p13) as well as Mariana Mazzucato with her latest book The Entrepreneurial State on the back page.

Wishing all of us an enjoyable journey…

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