October 2019


Sustainability in the Robot Age?

The great challenge is how to create a sustainable world as the basis of all – work, life and environment. It’s become everybody’s business! See pages 6-9 featuring Marga Hoek, author of The Trillion Dollar Shift and Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Green New Deal. Celebrities such as Leonardo di Caprio and Sir Bob Geldof are also committed supporters of a new Green World. Sir Bob recently said in an article: “How do we feed the world in the future without destroying the planet? Humanity faces profound challenges.” The escalating climate crisis problems are systemic – fundamental societal changes are needed.

In the business world softer skills and actions are required to counter the ever-extending technologies in the approaching robot age. Dame Inga Beale talks about a more inclusive society and a workplace for all on page 15 and the BBC will be showing a new documentary featuring Helen Fielding, the creator of the amazing fictional character Bridget Jones who became an instant cultural phenomenon across the film world. You can read more on page 14.

Last but certainly not least, please view our new website www.speakers.co.uk. It will be live any day now.

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