Interview with Bisila Bokoko

1. As a pioneering business leader, do you believe your global background has given you a unique insight into markets for the future, creating opportunities for business growth not recognized by others?

Anyone who has the chance to work globally looks at the business opportunities from a different angle and from a wider scope. The information that you get comes faster and also the sources are real. What I have realized also is that the world is more connected because of technology these days, but marketing is becoming more regionalized, and more localized, even more individualized, as consumers resist homogenization. Personalization is not a trend; it is a marketing reality which will transform how we think about and how we manage global brands. Companies will decentralize their structure and increase regional and local influence.

2. Your Company BBES is dedicated to promoting trade relations between Spain, Latin America and Africa. Is this driven by sound business principles of growth and profit, or is this a short-term project?

Our Company is driven by passion to connect different continents and to find ways of cooperation that only are possible by the knowledge of the market, the contacts and culture of business. Our goals are absolutely growth and profit. It is a long-term commitment with the companies that we work with and with ourselves; we cannot help it, it is what we do, and it is what we will continue to do.

3. You have a laudable record of success establishing global alliance partnerships, helping create pathways for new international markets to be formed. Is this the area that you enjoy most about your career and, if so, why?

I truly take joy in my work and for the last 15 years that has been my area of expertise. When I witness companies succeeding in their target markets for me there is a level of satisfaction hard to describe. I become part of their dream to enter into international markets.

4. You believe education is a key to future success for individuals. Can you tell us a bit about BBALP your international organisation to promote literacy and what role do you think it can play for the individuals involved?

Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project” (BBALP) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote literacy among the African people.

The Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project was founded in 2010. I decided to reconnect with my African roots, my first trip to the African continent was to Ghana and there I felt the need to contribute to Africa growth and development.‎

Building sustainable libraries in Africa, sharing the gift of ideas and education is our focus. The libraries are built from scratch, painted and the books are sent. After that, our volunteer librarians and members of the BBAL.ORG team go to teach the beautiful job of librarianship and how to keep and organize the books, creating employment in the community.

“Because with a book you are never alone” Books are so powerful, with a book you can learn, travel, meet people, dream…… The library can become a Family Affair where parents read to their children, children meet other children, youth exchange ideas; to spread the love for reading and books is one of my passions.

5. Do you believe that social media is or should be an integral part of any company’s remit and what benefits do you think social media brings to an enterprise?

Social media is for me an important part of any business’s marketing and client base development platform. The perception of social media marketing has shifted —no longer viewed as a trendy or passing fad, having a flexible and well-managed presence has become a must for any business seeking to secure a place in both the traditional and digital marketplace. What before was possible to be accomplished by a traditional website now needs to be complemented with a robust and responsive use of the tools that social media offers.