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Juan Pablo Vázquez

Expert on Disruptive Innovation


"Executive education is as important for
business leaders as knowing the latest
medical techniques is for doctors."

About Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere

Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere is an expert on disruptive innovation and a professor of business administration at IE Business School. His specific area of research lies at the intersection of entrepreneurship and innovation, focusing on using innovation to increase the success rate of both entrepreneurs and corporate ventures. He studies innovation with the objective to equip individuals with unique tools that make them see the causal mechanisms that generate change and new opportunities before others.
Dr. Vázquez has developed new and innovative research practices that are capable of not only explaining why companies are successful but also predicting how to make them successful again. He also aims to reduce new companies’ creation failure rate from around 90% globally to around 40%. His research approach includes the commercialization of disruptive innovations as well as business model innovations. He is also particularly interested in removing the variability in the commercialization process using new techniques that eliminate the factors that introduce randomness.

Professor Vázquez holds a B.A. with highest honors in business administration and an MBA with High Distinction from IE Business School, a PhD from Complutense University and a MR degree from Harvard University. In addition he is a world renowned author, being a frequent contributor to publications such as Thomson Reuters and the Harvard Business Review. He is an advisor and serves as a board member to a variety of firms that are either new ventures or that are seeking to transform their business model.