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Marco Montemagno

Founder SuperSummit and Digital


"Italy's leading blogger
and website developer"

About Marco Montemagno

Marco Montemagno is a digital entrepreneur, public speaker and broadcaster. He is Founder of Reboot Italy, which promotes new media and technologies to politicians, connecting the political world with digital innovation and opportunity. Previously Marco was co founder and CEO of Blogosfere, one of Italy’s largest and most influential blog networks subsequently acquired by Populis.

Marco curated and hosted Reporter Diffuso, Italy’s foremost television program about the internet on Sky News for 7 years, interviewing thousands of leaders and innovators in the tech and media world in front of millions of viewers every Saturday morning.

He has been through every medium (TV, Radio, Web, Newspapers) doing presentations in the most desperate conditions, from town squares to castles, from mega conventions of 5,000 people to hotel rooms with 2 people, from meetings at nursing homes with eighty-year-olds to face-to-face meetings with college students.