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Miha Pogačnik

Leadership Expert, Violinist & Visionary


Miha Pogačnik has been
described as a "maker of magic"

About Miha Pogačnik

Miha Pogacnik is a world-renowned violinist, entrepreneur and Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia. He offers an original response to today’s quest of the business world for creativity. His cutting edge approach and genius fuel organisational and individual development and sheds new perspective on corporate strategy.

An exceptional virtuoso in the corporate and political world, as well as on the musical stage, he is the creative force for intercultural and diplomatic missions, using his music as the media to channel his thoughts. He demonstrates the principles of renewal and change, transforming thinking patterns and removing barriers which limit creativity and vision. He creates an inspirational platform for tackling team work and effective communications.

His popularity is proven with speaking at conferences as varied as the World Business Academy, UNESCO and the World Economic Forum. Business leaders agree that Pogacnik’s approach helps people see there are different ways to solve problems – it changes attitudes and his theory gets to the core of things, the driving force. He teaches executives how music compositions are organised and the ways to apply those principles to business. He uses the analogy of musicians in an orchestra playing together to show the importance of leadership and teamwork.