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Logging in to MyCsa

after setting up your account;

  1. the MyCsa link at the top of the screen on any page
  2. 2.login with your account details and click “login”

From this page you can see your Speaker Library which will be empty until you add some speakers in the next section.

Adding Speakers to your MyCsa Library

Once logged in;

  1. 1.go to the “Our Speakers” page
  2. can add speakers by clicking the “+” symbol next to each speaker (the same can be done from the speaker’s profile page)

Once you have some speakers in your library you can organise them using lists in the next section.

REMEMBER: If you delete a speaker from the Library (using the small 'X' to the right of the speaker's name) they will be removed from all other lists

Adding Lists

Lists are separate folders of speakers that can be useful to organise your speaker choices into categories or event planning

  1. 1.go to your MyCsa account page by clicking the “MyCsa” link
  2. the “add List” link
  3. 3.give your new list a name and click “add”
  4. and drag speakers from the library into this list on the side panel.

You can add additional information to your speakers by adding notes in the next section

Using Notes

Notes are small comments attached to individual speakers in your account – they are specific to your account and can be useful to add additional information for reference especially when sending a list to a colleague or enquiring about a group of speakers

  1. the “notes” link underneath the speaker in your account page
  2. 2.type your note in the textbox
  3. “amend note” at the top of the box
  4. 4.adding notes in the same way from within the "library" will add notes to all instances of the speaker

REMEMBER: Notes written in the library can be seen in all lists in addition to notes written in the list

If you have any other questions or suggestions with regard to MyCsa please contact us

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