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Gerald Ashley

International Expert on Business Risk & Strategic Decision Making

Gerald Ashley has over thirty years experience in international financial markets, having worked for Baring Brothers in London and Hong Kong, and the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. He is now a leading thinker and consultant on business risk and decision making.

"Gerald always seeks to bring fresh new ideas and thinking to the area of business risk and strategy"

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In detail

Gerald is co-founder and MD of St. Mawgan & Co a London based consultancy specialising in risk management, strategy consulting, and behavioural modelling in finance, business and risk taking. Gerald is a Visiting Fellow at Newcastle Business School, and in addition to consulting, he has a regular column in the financial magazine Financial-i. He has also made regular appearances on TV and radio explaining risk and decision making issues to a wider audience. He is also a well-known speaker on the benefits and applications of behavioural economics in business decision-making and risk taking; and is a regular columnist in the financial press.

What he offers you

His work is highly focused and concentrates on solutions and offering advice to decision makers on how to understand the big trends in business and finance; and how our own biases and behaviours can affect the way we either succeed or fail in new environments. His aim is to teach people to understand how they and others approach future challenges and how they can improve their performance as individuals and as groups.

How he presents

Gerald is a passionate, witty and provocative speaker who seeks to inform, entertain and occasionally challenge received wisdom and enjoys slaughtering sacred cows! In addition to speaking Gerald is an experienced chairman of conferences and seminars; and an effective moderator of panel discussions and delegate Q&A sessions.


He presents in English.

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  • Uncertainty, Risk and Strategic Business Decision Making
  • Messes, Problems and Puzzles - Decision Tools for Tackling an Uncertain Future
  • Dead Reckoning - What is Wrong with Current Financial Risk Management?
  • This is the First Time since the Last Time - Commercial Business and Financial Markets Seem to Follow Cycles - What are These Cycles and How Do They Get Created?
  • How to be Successful! - Why are Some Individuals and Organisations More Successful than Others?


  • 2011
    Tangled World
  • 2010
    Two Speed World
  • 2009
    Financial Speculation - Trading Biases and Behaviour

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