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Jez Rose

Behavioural Expert: Communicating Change, Inspiring Impact

Jez Rose is a leading authority on changing mindset, achieving sensational results and concluding in the level of excellence in customer service. The founder of the International Superhero Association, his passion for customer service was born from having worked for the Walt Disney Company.

"Recognised as a key force in understanding human behaviour, achieving sensational results through his unique training presentations"

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In detail

Started his career at the NHS as a psychologist and shortly after leaving the NHS, Jez began working as a Psychological Consultant for businesses, which confirmed his suspicions of the challenges businesses face in raising the bar and maintaining energised and passionate staff teams. On returning to the UK, Jez realised how low the bar was and discovered that many businesses struggled to raise and maintain service levels. He spent five years researching customer service and developing systems to achieve the level of excellence, culminating in him founding the International Superhero Association as a metaphor for the Service Superhero that is in us all!

What he offers you

With a career spanning more than 10 years advising, consulting and working with some of the World's largest businesses, Jez Rose's combination of hard fact and light-hearted presentation, brought together in his unique way is reflected in the glowing testimonials from a wide range of businesses in many sectors of commerce.

How he presents

His blend of humour, professionalism, in-depth understanding of sales psychology and unique content, delivered with the passion and energy for which he is now so well renowned make every event a roaring success.


He presents in English.

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  • Developing Higher Performance
  • Changing Behaviour to Increase Employee Effectiveness
  • Customer Service
  • Sensationally Effective Leadership


  • 2013
    Have a Crap Day - the revolution in customer service begins


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