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Squadron Leader John Peters MBA

Best-selling author, Performance Coach and Writer

John Peters came to the world's attention in January 1991, when his bruised and battered face flashed onto television screens around the world. It was his disfigured image that became a potent symbol of Saddam Hussein's ruthless aggression. His dramatic and sometimes harrowing experiences reach deep into our innermost minds, showing us how we can overcome even our worst fears and nightmares.

"Courage is an attitude of mind - with which we can face and overcome the challenges in an ever-changing world" John Peters

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In detail

His war was not all as he expected - it became a seven-week ordeal of torture and interrogation testing John Peters to the absolute limit and bringing him close to death. John is an experienced speaker of international repute. He was the sole reader representing the British Armed Forces at the National Gulf Memorial Service, in front of Her Majesty, The Queen and presented the Sir James Martin Lecture at the Royal Aeronautical Society in the presence of Prince Philip. Furthermore, he followed Nelson Mandela on stage in South Africa and achieved a standing ovation!

What he offers you

John presents a roller-coaster ride: you will believe you were there! He provides an incredible descriptive insight of his experiences. He is certainly not a doom and gloom merchant. Far from it - his innate sense of humour and superb timing ensures the audience sees the funny and lighter side of his experience.

How he presents

He is passionate, emotive & challenging. He can seamlessly and skilfully relate his experiences to current business issues.


He presents in English.

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  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Motivating
  • Inspiring
  • Safety as a Performance Mindset
  • Performing under Pressure
  • Dealing with Change


  • 2004
    Tornado Down (with John Nichol and William Pearson)
  • 1994
    Team Tornado: life on a Front-line Squadron (with John Nichol and Michael Joseph)

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