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Marc Koska OBE

Inventor, Founder of the SafePoint Trust

Marc Koska OBE is the inventor of the K1 syringe and founder of the SafePoint charity. Marc has faced and broke down bureaucratic barriers to fight one of the most virulent contributors to the spread of AIDS, with his non-retractable syringe, which was endorsed by the World Health Organisation in 2015. All of Marc's energy is now put into lobbying for legislation change with his charity The SafePoint Trust, delivering hard-hitting safe injection campaigns. His Life Saver public awareness campaigns inform and educate governments and healthcare providers about risks their countries face, and propose possible solutions.

"One of the most inspirational entrepreneurs in the world"

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In detail

In 1984, Marc Koska was aimlessly travelling the world when he stumbled upon a newspaper article predicting the spread of HIV through the re-use of medical syringes. For Marc, the article was a game changer, igniting his interest in global public health and catalyzing his invention of the Auto Disable syringe that breaks following use. Three decades later, Marc and his syringe have been credited with saving in excess of nine million lives, and his invention is licensed by 14 global manufacturers.

What he offers you

Marc is a highly motivational and charismatic speaker, who has fought ignorance, bureaucracy and vested interest every step of the way to create a highly successful and dynamic company, and whose sole motivation is to save lives by eradicating the spread of a killer virus. He will share the struggles, setbacks, breakthroughs and ultimate triumphs of this technology's 30-year odyssey from "great idea" to "globally adopted reality."

How he presents

Marc speaks with passion and clarity on a subject that is complex yet alarming. His 25 year mission is conveyed through his fascinating collection of anecdotes. He is an outstanding entrepreneur and a true inspiration.


He presents in English.

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  • Global Healthcare
  • Inventions
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Entrepreneurship


  • He has been awarded numerous awards including the International Visual Communication Association Award; International Business Award - Best Multi-national Company; Tech Award; Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade.
  • The Economist's social and economic innovation award and he has been awarded Officer of the British Empire, for his tireless work.

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